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RG Cell Nanopeptide Complex

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Product Description

Incredible cytokine boosters rejuvenate skin cells for a more youthful appearance!

Unique formulation to provide you maximum benefits of looking younger within a short time. People will start asking you what you are doing for your skin? and we hope you let them know your secret: RG-Cell!

For best results, apply 1-2 spritzes to the face and allow 2-5 minutes to dry completely before applying other cosmetics as desired. **The Booster is not recommended to be used alone, as it is formulated to work with the RG-Cell serum.

The RG cell line is built on the proven premise of stem cell cytokines and chemokines, which activate and alter the behavior of skin stem cells allowing for more complete healing and regeneration of the skin.

Turn back the clock on the cells that regenerate your skin, to make you look and feel younger. The delivery systems in these skin products are tuned to deliver the stem cell signals deep into the skin tissue where they will do the most good.

The RG-Cell line consists of:

RG Cell Stem Cell Activating Serum

RG Cell Nanopeptide Complex (booster*)

RG Cell Phyto A Cleanser
RG Cell Phyto A Toner

*The Booster is not recommended for use by itself. It is designed to be used with the RG-Cell serum

Reverse Aging Skin Fast with Just a Few Drops a Day!!!

RG-CELL – Research and Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies Show the Benefits and the Safety of the ingredients used in RG-Cell Stem-Cell Support Serum

There are an incredible number of studies that have shown RG-Cell’s carefully selected ingredients to be both safe and effective for improving the condition and visibly reversing the age of your skin. No other product on the market uses a naturally derived combination of ingredients -scientifically proven to support our claims.

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