The absolute PINNACLE

Of OMEGA 3 supplementation!

Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil represents the pinnacle in fish oil supplement development, AKA "Weapons Grade Fish oil"

Maximum Potency And Purification

Unlike other brands that claim high potency, but offer a variation in capsule strength, the process we use guarantees a minimum potency per capsule of 85% EPA and DHA.

In addition, we maintain the scrupulous purification processes that has made our regular fish oil the gold standard on the market.

Dr. Dave's Best Ultra 85

$64.97 $89.99


DHA Level Booster

Ultra 85 is ideal for people who know they have low Omega 3 EPA and DHA levels and want to jump start their body’s response, but don’t want to swallow multiple handfuls of fish oil. The gel coated capsule protects the product from premature digestion, assuring it gets released into the small intestine (jejunum) where most fat absorption occurs.

Supports Vitamin D & helps prevent

Excess Inflammation

It is also ideal for people who are trying to get high levels of Omega 3’s in their system to fight off the ravages of excess inflammation. This product also contains additional Vitamin D to support the cooperative actions of Vitamin D and fish oil in the body.

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