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Top 6 ways to avoid getting sick this season!

It’s November! And you know what that means... Flu season is almost here. With your body being exposed to a plethora of bacteria, toxins, cold weather and lack-o-sunshine, this season makes your immune system work overtime. Here are some ways to give your immune system (and yourself) some love this season! #1 STRESS LESS Have you ever heard of the saying “stress makes you sick?” it totally does. When you are stressed out for long periods of time, your immune system takes a huge hit. According to Dr. Mary Meagher, “people exposed to high levels of stress, consequently suffer from dysregulation of their immune system, thereby increasing vulnerability to infections”.  Here are some ways you can help manage your stress:...

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The 5 worst things for your immune system (How many are you doing every day?)

  Neglecting to eat enough veggies Not getting enough quality water Going to sleep past 11pm Spending most of the day on your bottom Stressing about life & being negative If you are committing these crimes against your immune system, you are likely to get sick more often, have lower overall health, have trouble maintaining a healthy weight and are more susceptible to physical and mental illness. From viruses and toxins to sleep deprivation and stress, our immune systems take a constant beating. We all lead busy lives and none of us has the time to lay around in bed for a week. In an ideal world, we would all lead perfect lives, however we know that isn't always possible....

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