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Do your cells need saving?

If you’re on statin drugs, the answer is YES!  In fact, if you’re not already taking CoQ10 ubiquinol, your health is seriously threatened. While statins do a great job blocking cholesterol production, they lower your COQ10 stores, which means higher free radicals and malfunctioning mitochondria. There are plenty of side-effects you could suffer, some of which might ultimately lead to heart failure. Statin users often complain of exhaustion and muscle weakening.  This deterioration can eventually cause kidney problems. The danger is:  once mitochondria mutate or become damaged, there’s “no turning back”, but the good news is, your saving grace is prevention.  It all comes down to cellular energy, the energy your organs and every cell in your body need, to...

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Tired all the time? Is your life force ebbing away?

Have you tried CoQ10 ubiquinol?  Gaining popularity in the supplement scene, and no wonder, CoQ10 ubiquinol, the reduce form, as opposed to the oxidized form, is a key component in human energy production. Capable of donating electrons, CoQ10 ubiquinol functions as a highly effective antioxidant, helping your body produce Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as generating cellular energy. Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10, a highly bioavailable, fat soluble antioxidant, takes its cues from your metabolism, meeting your requirements on an as needed basis.  If you’re battling chronic disease states, absorption goes up. If you’re steady state healthy, your lower requirements translate into less absorption. This means no chance of overdose, just effective, modulated delivery, designed to meet your specific...

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