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All Dr Dave's Best Products use Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients


TA-65: on this planet there is only one proven telomerase activator that lengthens telomeres. TA-65 is the only supplement of its kind with human trials and has unequivocally been shown to do exactly what it says it does: turn on telomerase and lengthen telomeres. No other supplement has been tested this way and no other supplement can do this.

More active telomerase and longer telomeres have been linked to longer life, younger appearance, decreased incidence of many to the diseases of aging and subjective improvements like more energy, focus, sex drive and athletic ability.

In a human cohort trial published in Rejuvenation Research in Sept 2010, TA-65 showed improved blood pressure, bone density and immune system response as well many improvements in inflammatory markers, along with the lengthening of the critically short telomeres. In addition to its unique mode of action, it is incredibly safe, with not one reported side effect. Derived from a specific molecule found only in one type of Astragalus plant, in one small area of China, TA-65 is the king of anti-aging supplements and is scarce, available only in limited quantities.

There are 3 doses available and the price and the speed of the effects you'll see, depends on the dose you choose.

Here is a pricing and my suggested dosing guide- please note TA-65 is only available in 6 month increments at this time.

1. 250 units (1 capsule daily) is efficacious for healthy adults in their 40′s or 50′s. Also, 250 units can serve as a maintenance dose for older people who have been taking higher doses of TA-65 for several years and want to continue on a reduced cost program. Clients who took this dose were shown to have increased short telomere length and significantly improved immune system function. There are also anecdotal reports of increased endurance and other benefits. Cost: US $1,200 for each 6 month segment. (Average monthly cost $200)

2. 500 units (2 capsules daily) has been proven to lengthen short telomeres, restore the immune system, and improve other important bio markers. Anecdotal reports included increased energy, endurance, vision improvements, sexual enhancement, and more. This medium strength dose is recommended for people who are generally in good health and want to be proactive in longevity and healthy aging. Many people in their 50′s or 60′s fall into this category. Cost: US $2,200 for each 6 month segment. (Average monthly cost $367)

3. 1000 units (4 capsules daily) This is considered the FULL DOSE and is recommended for clients who are:

  • Over 55 years of age, or
  • Are of any age and have measured their telomeres and found them to be short, or
  • Have reason to believe that strengthening their immune system would have particular benefit.
  • Are of any age with a major illness or risk factor such as diabetes, heart disease, strong family history of those or other diseases of aging such as Alzheimer's. It is expected that this dose will give an increased benefit over the lower doses (although not a proportional benefit). Study subjects experienced lengthened telomeres, restoration of weak immune systems, bone density improvements and other important bio marker improvements which usually decline with age. Anecdotal reports include energy increase, endurance, cognitive improvements, improved vision, sexual enhancement, and an overall feeling of well being.

Cost: US $4,000 for each 6 month segment. (Average monthly cost $667)

Please note: I am one of the few licensed distributors for this product but I do not otherwise represent T.A. Sciences nor am I employed by them.

TA-65 Low Dose - $1200 TA-65 Medium Dose - $2200 TA-65 High Dose - $4000

Disclaimer: The FDA, FTC and AMA have not evaluated these statements. No guarantee of increased longevity, life span or health span is implied by the above statements. These statements have not been intended to diagnose, mitigate or cure any disease process.

Have additional questions or would like to know more about TA-65? Read my TA-65 Q&A or contact us directly.
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Fish oil

Fish oil is now the most popular supplement on the planet, but not all fish oils are created equal.  Dr Dave’s Best fish oil is manufactured to his own strict standards because both he and his beloved family are on very large doses every single day.  Free of detectable mercury, lead PCB’s and Dioxin and Furan's, Doc sets the world standard for fish oil purity.

This allows you to take large doses every single day without fear of accumulating contaminants.  Dr Dave takes in excess of 15 grams a day and recommends a minimum of 3 to 6 capsules for most of his clients.

Fish oil’s healthy effects have ranges from heart disease protection, stroke protection, anti-cancer, arthritis, muscle building, fat burning and mood benefits, to name just a few.  In addition, larger doses of fish oil are equated to longer telomeres, because fish oil slows down the loss of your vital biologic time clock segments, the telomeres.

Please note, this is an animal product with an animal derived gel cap. We use the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients and test every single batch internally and in independent external labs for quality and purity, on a frequent basis. There is simply no way to substitute for this.  Algae derived products do not maintain an adequate ratio of the essential fish oil fats, EPA and DHA. The body cannot convert DHA back to EPA effectively from algae products, nor can it effectively make enough from plant derived sources.  Recent studies suggest significant deficits in Vegetarian and Vegan diets, because of these biochemical facts!

Meat eaters, even those who consume free range animal products, also need supplemental fish oil!

Get the best money can buy and stay on it.  You’ll feel the difference very soon and wonder why you ever took anything else!

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (300mg EPA, 200mg DHA per cap - 120 capsules per bottle) - $63.95

BEST VALUE: Case (12 bottles at $48.95/bottle) + free shipping - $599.40

Now you can test your critical Omega 3 and 6 levels with this ultra precise and simple home test kit - $140.95

Coenzyme Q10 100mg

After numerous studies from China and Japan showed the medicinal value of CO Q 10 for heart health and brain health, U.S. scientists began to follow the lead of their Far Eastern counterparts and use large enough doses in their studies to show effects. It was determined that a minimum of 60 mg was needed to combat the effects of statin drugs, and 100 to 200 for the cardiac, fat burning, and energy generating effects. Neurologic movement disorders and mitochondrial deficiencies may need 200mg to 600 mg.

Vegetarians and Vegans are at highest risk for early deficiencies and most people begin to show signs of relative deficiency after age 40, no matter what their diet. CO Q 10 has been extensively studied in its role as a mitochondrial protectant since it is a key electron transport chemical, in the human energy chain.

Dr Dave's Best Co Q 10 is pure vegetarian sourced Ubiquinol, the reduced form shown to be superior in human studies. Each "sof gel"* contains 100 mg. Dose at 1 to 2 caps per day. There are 60 caps per bottle.

Coenzyme Q10 (100mg/cap - 60 caps per bottle) - $53.95
*Please note: sof gels are proven to be the most efficacious way of delivering this product and are the highest quality available. Gel is animal sourced.


Carnosine is one of the most potent antioxidant supplements available. Sadly lacking in meat free diets, it is also often present in lower concentrations than needed, even for meat eaters.

In order for it to have strong biologic effects, the dosage should be enough to saturate the carnosine degradation enzymes in the body. This translates into a minimum of 1000 mg (2 caps at once).

Carnosine (not to be confused with Carnitene) is found in highest concentrations in the brain and muscle- both tissues that rely on it heavily. In addition to its anti-oxidant properties, athletes have long prized it as a source of energy and fat burning. It has also been shown to oppose the effects of sugar on aging and to support telomere health. Amino acid profiles frequently show it to be deficient in Vegans, vegetarians and people over 45 years old. For comparison, a large steak contains only 250 mg. Dose is 2 capsules at once daily, 60 caps per bottle.

Carnosine (500mg/cap - 60 caps per bottle) - $53.95

Dr Dave's Best Carnosine is completely vegetarian sourced ingredients and capsule and excipient free.

Sleep Wizard

Sleep is so important; it occupies one of Dr Dave's 4 Pillars of Health all by itself. Studies have shown the continued decline in the amount Western society's sleep since the early 1950's; with catastrophic effects on health and accident rates. Nearly 25% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents are linked to sleep deficiency! Big Pharma has attempted numerous sleep agents, over the years, with no real success. In 2005 alone, (the year Dr Dave released Sleep Wizard) there were 7 new Pharmaceutical drugs released for sleep. Since that time, the long list of serious side effects has grown in these compounds. Dr Dave's Best uses all natural compounds for the perfect blend of sleep inducing agents. The goal is to get you to sleep fast and keep you asleep. Sleep Wizard also supports the healthy cycles of sleep, unlike its prescription counterparts, which tend to over emphasize REM phases at the expense of others. In addition, unlike its prescription counterparts, it is non-habit forming.

Dose 1 to 2 caps 1 hour before desired hour of sleep. All natural and totally vegetarian sourced ingredients and capsule. 60 caps per bottle.

Sleep Wizard (60 caps per bottle) - $53.95

  1. Gaba 300mg
  2. L-Theanine 150mg
  3. 5-HTP 15mg
  4. Melatonin 600 mcg
Suggested use as needed, for no longer than 5 nights in a row with a 2 day break. Lack of sleep has serious consequences. Consult your health care professional if your sleep remains disturbed for longer than 5 nights.

All Dr Dave's Best Products use Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients