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RG-CELL - Research and Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies Show the Benefits and the Safety of the ingredients used in RG-Cell Stem-Cell Support Serum

There are an incredible number of studies that have shown RG-Cell's carefully selected ingredients to be both safe and effective for improving the condition and visibly reversing the age of your skin. No other product on the market uses a naturally derived combination of ingredients -scientifically proven to support our claims. Return to RG-Cell Product page.

  • Lancet. 2001 Sep 29;358(9287):1067-8.
    Dedifferentiation of epidermal cells to stem cells in vivo
    Fu X, Sun X, Li X, Sheng Z.
    Source: 1. Wound Healing and Cell Biology Laboratory, 304th Hospital, Trauma Center of Postgraduate Medical College, Beijing 100037, China; 2. Biological Research Laboratory, Jinan University, Guangzhou

  • Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association. Vol 3, No 4; Winter 2001:24-30.
    Blue-Green Algae as an Immuno-Enhancer and Biomodulator
    Jensen GS, Ginsberg DI, and Drapeau C.
    Source: 1. Holger N.I.S. Inc., Port Dover, Ontario, Canada; 2. Medical Student, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 3. Desert Lake Technologies LLT, Keno, Oregon

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