Dr. Dave's Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace

Ultra Strength Fat Furnace is a powerhouse thermogenic fat burner that contains ingredients in maximum-strength proportions for dramatic and lasting weight loss success.

Superior pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients in this ultra-powerful physician-recommended formulation include:

  • Raspberry Ketone to help release stored fat energy for fuel, and stimulate metabolism so you burn fat more effectively
  • High-quality Hoodia to suppress appetite
  • Gymnema Silvestre to lower blood sugar, improve insulin reaction, and cut cravings
  • Green tea for metabolic and health benefits
  • Chromium to aid in overall weight loss.

This is the ultimate choice for maximum fat-burning power. Ultra Strength Fat Furnace uses Raspberry Ketone, a natural flavoring agent that comes from red raspberries and gives them their unique flavor. Raspberry Ketone throws the switch on fat cells that tells them to "give it up" and release their stored fat energy for fuel instead of using other things that might be floating around. In other words, it's a selective fat burner.

Next, it shunts blood away from the core of the body to the periphery (extremities, hands, feet, and skin), allowing heat to escape faster than normal without effecting body temperature. More fat is burned as fuel, and there is more heat loss, which in turn causes you to burn more energy to maintain your body temperature. So, it is a metabolic stimulant and a fat burner, all wrapped up in one.

Ultra Strength Fat Furnace blends the power of Raspberry Ketone with known appetite suppressants Hoodia (yes, it's real Hoodia, not the fake stuff), Gymnema Silvestre (to lower blood sugar, improve insulin reaction, and cut cravings) Green tea (for metabolic and health benefits), and chromium (to aid in overall weight loss). The result: an amazingly powerful formula for weight loss results.

Documentation of my pioneering use for Raspberry Ketone

What's Subscribe & Save?

NOTE: Please read the following in its entirety before determining if Ultra Strength Fat Furnace is right for you.


  • 120 capsules per bottle.
  • Available on Subscribe & Save Plan.
  • Dosage range: 2 to 6 capsules a day in divided doses of 1 to 2 capsules at a time, 30 to 45 minutes before eating.
  • It is not recommended that you exceed 6 caps a day until we have some test data on higher doses
  • We also recommend you skip at least 1 preferably 2 days a week.
  • So a typical routine would be 5 days on. 2 days off. The 2 days do not have to be back to back but it is more convenient that way. Don't worry your appetite won't come back right after you stop taking Fat Furnace. Its effects linger for quite some time.

Q. Can anyone take it or are there people who should avoid it?
A: Because the raspberry ketone acts like a stimulant any one who is sensitive to stimulants should avoid this.

This would include but is not limited to people with:

  • Rapid heart rates, irregular heart rates (like atrial fibrillation) and high blood pressure.
  • People with chronic sleep problems
  • People who are on sedatives for a reason like mental illness.
  • People who are on anti-depressants of any kind where the mental stimulation may cause anxiety.
  • People who are already anxious, nervous or jittery.
  • Anyone who is pregnant or nursing should not take this compound as there is no safety data relating to pregnancy
  • Anyone who has a substance abuse history for using stimulant drugs like methamphetamine should not take this compound as they may find it emotionally addictive.
  • Diabetics especially those prone to low blood sugar should be especially careful and consult their doctors before use. This compound contains herbals that are known to reduce blood sugar (and thus cravings) and may make you are prone to a low blood sugar if you have diabetes. This could result in serious problems and also in a need for modifications to your medicines if you are on any.

Q: How much weight loss can I expect?
A: Many people report to me that they have lost a great deal of weight (Personally, I got almost 30 pounds off in 9 weeks.) The wonderful thing about this was it was easy to lose the weight. As a matter of fact it was faster and easier than it has EVER been in my life.

Q: Will it stay off?
A: That is pretty much up to you.
There is nothing wrong with using the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace for few days here and there to help you or even to get through a tough period like a wedding or an anniversary. But the main thing is you cannot go back to your "old" life and expect to stay thin. You cannot go back to the habits that made you fatter than you want to be in the first place and expect to stay thin.

Dr. Dave's Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace is an amazing tool but that is all it is. You have to continue the eating habits and exercise habits that should be part of any diet program if you expect to keep the weight off.

One very cool thing though: All of the testers, myself included, noticed that the appetite suppression effect lasted at least 72 hours after the last dose of the pill.
Thus some people could take it 2 or 3 days a week and still get good results.

Q: What if I am 50 pounds overweight?
A: It is entirely possible that you will lose a large amount maybe all of the weight you want, but it is unrealistic and probably unhealthy to expect it to come off in 8 or 9 weeks. You should plan on at least 6 months.

Q: Why do you recommend a 5 days on, 2 days off cycle for this compound?
I have extensive experience with using diet aids and prescription drugs for weight loss in my patients. With absolutely no exceptions, the human body will "habituate" to the stimulant portions of the compounds. This is true whether the stimulant is bitter orange, caffeine, ephedra, or even raspberry ketone. The best way to avoid this is not to have the compounds in your bloodstream all the time. To give you body a "drug holiday" so to speak, let it reset itself. Then you will get the longest and most effective benefits from the compounds. Again, this is true no matter which supplement or drug you are using.

Q: Will my weight loss slow down?
A: I hope so, otherwise there will be nothing left of you to send me a picture of!
Everyone will find an equilibrium point at which their body says, "OK, enough for now!" The good news is that this is usually after enough weight loss that you'll still be very happy with the results. After a few weeks of stabilizing at that weight you can hit it hard again and your body will be ready to lose weight. The key is not to get discouraged by the plateaus or let them affect you mentally. For me personally, 30 pounds was plenty of weight off so when my weight loss slowed down it was just at the right time. If you have 100 pounds to lose, it might take you a few cycles of this type to get all the weight off.

When you hit a plateau it's a good time to cut back on the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace as well. You don't have to get off completely although you may want to; that is pretty much up to you. Either way, when you plateau (and you will plateau) just relax, cut back or get off for 3 or 4 weeks but keep up your good eating habits and exercise habits during this time. You will gain little or no weight and you can go back on the higher doses again.

Q: Can I stay on it forever?
A: Most people should be able to get off and stay off the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace after a few months, there is nothing wrong with intermittent usage thereafter but this is really not a "For Life" drug or supplement.

Q: Are there any copycats out there, is any one else using this formula?
A: While you may see the individual ingredients out there, with the exception of raspberry ketone, no one has blended them together the way we have at Dr. Dave's Best. We specialize in producing unique formulations that are physician-designed for optimal effectiveness.

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Your Friend,

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D., CPT

Dr. Dave's Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace Ultra Strength Fat Furnace

When you're serious about weight loss, kick start dramatic and lasting success with this powerhouse, thermogenic fat burner that uses ingredients in maximum-strength proportions.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules.
Servings per bottle: 30.
30 day supply.
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