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The Absolute Pinnacle of Omega 3 supplementation!!!

Two years ago, I ventured out to Southern California with 100 bottles of what I called “Weapons Grade Fish oil”.  It was the first and only batch of Ultra 85 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil I could afford to make at the time. 
No one else was doing it or making this kind of product and so it was extremely costly- too costly to continue to make for another 2 years, as it turns out.


I elected to take it to a conference that primarily consisted of Raw Food Vegans and Vegetarians, because I knew these people were desperately low on Omega 3’s and highly Omega 6 dominant.  I knew this was very unhealthy, in spite of all the other wonderful benefits of this life style. I also knew these lovely people did not know how unhealthy this situation was.  What I did not know was how they would respond. So, I went up there and I gave them the information Dr. Dave Style, trying to point out that if they fixed this one thing, statistically speaking, their health span and probably their life span would improve dramatically- more dramatically than with any other intervention they could otherwise start with!

Keep in mind these people were generally averse to consuming any animal products, including fish!

The product sold out in the first 18 hours of the conference, which lasted a total of 3 and a half days. I think the telling point was when I showed people the results of the Ideal Omega finger stick test we do which confirmed my worst fears: These people were abysmally low in Omega 3’s.

How low? Well they were at the same level as the general population that does not eat much fish, or take any fish oil.  They were in the highest quartile of heart disease risk- right up there with the rest of the good old USA, 200 deaths per 10,000 people!

The risk profile for many other diseases including auto immune disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, depression and of course my favorite condition- short telomeres (biologic time clocks) is also tied to these Omega 3 levels.

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We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.


In populations with the highest Omega 3 levels, there is a 10 FOLD reduction in heart disease and similar reductions in many of the diseases we attach to “normal aging”. There are also correlations to cancer incidence and severity, as well as “brain based” disorders like depression and anxiety.

The Bottom Line is, most of us are abysmally low in Omega 3’s and dangerously high in Omega 6’s.  While many people tout ‘dietary modification’, in a nation of obese people who demand instant gratification, this has not been a realistic strategy. And pollutants and toxins aside, it’s just darn right hard to eat enough fish and sea food to correct this imbalance in these essential fatty acids unless you are an Eskimo.


The net result of low Omega 3’s and high Omega 6’s is global, low grade chronic energy sapping, age accelerating, wrinkle forming, mind depressing inflammation with YOU as the target. It should not seem like rocket science when I say reducing this, by boosting Omega 3’s is the major way you can fight this simply and effectively, while you are waiting for all those other life style modifications like exercise, restorative sleep, meditation, proper diet and so on to kick in.

For the past 12 years, I have made the premier fish oil on the market. For the past 12 years I have personally taken literal handfuls (often in excess of 20 capsules a day) to assure that my Omega 3 levels were high enough to combat my omega 6 intake ( nuts grains, fruits vegetables etc.)

Just because I did it, I expected my friend’s family, clients, and internet customers to also embrace the concept!!!

Call it Dire Straits!

I had varying degrees of success with this, but ultimately I knew I had to come up with a simpler way for people to get their Omega 3 oils, while maintaining the scrupulous purity and concentration that only ethyl ester fish oil can give. I knew that most people, people like you, could not honestly be expected to gobble the oil up the way I do.

And yet You need it just as badly as I do, especially if you are not familiar with how to make the dietary changes needed to adjust these levels. And more likely, if like me, you just don’t want to be bothered!  Like it or not, there is some real utility in the “Just Gimme a Pill, Doc!” mentality. This might be the one time I would tell you that, because the health consequences of not fixing the omega 3 deficit and omega6 excess are SO VERY DIRE!!!


OK, now it’s time for true confessions!  I think I short changed you. Trust me, it was out of benevolence and an understanding of human behavior- that and basically getting tired of answering the question, “Yeah but Doc, How Many do I have to take?”

Disease Disappears?

I settled for the standard answer of 4 to 6 a day of my standard fish oil, knowing that this is about the limit most people are willing to take.  I mean that!!! We did a couple of surveys early on and this was as much as most people would swallow in a day.  I knew 2 things.

  • This was probably not enough to get you into the 60 to 70% total Omega 3 range, I so want for you. This seems to be where disease melts away from the human experience, when you look at populations that don’t have much heart disease, stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, depression and the like.
  • Some is better than none. If you look at disease rates, even 2 to 3 grams of fish oil will push you down the curve towards better health, statistically. It may not be where you could or should be, but the scientific papers talk proudly of 50% reductions. That ain’t 10 FOLD reduction, but it’s far better than none. So, while I continued to think on this problem, I took what I could get knowing one day I would have a new weapon in this fight!


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We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.


In the two years since I first introduced Ultra 85, I continued to refine the product and created a true weapon, which I am certain will, stack the odds in your favor more- more heavily than ever.
Ultra 85 is a minimum guaranteed 85 EPA and DHA- the only 2 essential Omega 3’s that are used by YOUR body, without further processing by any other enzyme systems. This ensures you get the “good stuff” in its most potent form. We applied our scrupulous testing and removed all traces of any toxins, just like we do with the regular oil. We also improved the capsule to guaranteed long shelf life, low oxidation potential (keeps it fresh!!!) and the best possible absorption into the small intestine, so stomach acid dose not degrade it. You will not get that from ANY liquid fish oil by the way.
The result is that my long standing recommendation of 6 caps a day is now more likely than ever to get you to the higher levels of Omega 3 in your tissue that I (and trust me YOU) want to get to!


In recognition of the fact that a lot of parents want to give their kids fish oil and that Vegans and Vegetarians understand the need for Omega 3’s, but want to minimize the exposure to animal products, I made this one taste amazing!!!!

At the most recent Longevity Now Conference, we put samples out for people to chew on.  I wish I would have filmed it, because it was so funny to see the look of pure terror turn to absolute incredulity, when people tasted the oil. The VERDICT?


Now understand, we did this so people would see and taste the results of my hard work.  I still recommend people take the capsules, because of that small intestine thing I mentioned above, you get about 15% more absorption that way than if you bite it, swallow the oil and spit out the capsule. But, still if you want to minimize animal product exposure or squeeze the oil out onto apple sauce or such for your kids, the oil tastes so good and clean you literally do not taste ANY FISH!

What's Subscribe & Save?

We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.


So, I hope you’ll forgive me for taking this long to assure you get the absolute best- Dr Dave’s BEST Ultra 85.  I could have rushed it to the market and cashed in on being the first to offer something that rivals the “fish oil drugs” out there in strength, but I am in this for the long haul.  Like you!

I have a huge number of wonderful fans and friends out there, like you, who are dedicated to my products and place their faith and trust in me for a reason.  I take what I make and I take what I put my name on. With all due respect, most people get that I make this stuff for me and my loved ones and you get to come along! I did not want to let you down. Let’s face it, my basic Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is a great clean product that has helped thousands of people around the world.  That is a tradition I do not take lightly. But, it was time to offer an upgrade that keeps pace with MY understanding and growth as a scientist and physician and YOUR needs for the real deal in a market that is rife with marketing hype and just plain old lies!

So, please forgive me for taking the time needed to develop this product. It was well worth it and as you’ll see:

There Is Nothing Else on the Planet Like IT!!!

What's Subscribe & Save?

We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.


Ultra 85 Fish Oil
Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Facts at a Glance

  • Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil represents the pinnacle in fish oil supplement development.
  • Unlike other brands that claim high potency, but offer a variation in capsule strength, the process we use guarantees a minimum potency per capsule of 85% EPA and DHA.
  • In addition, we maintain the scrupulous purification processes that has made our regular fish oil the gold standard on the market.
  • Ultra 85 is ideal for people who know they have low Omega 3 EPA and DHA levels and want to jump start their body’s response, but don’t want to swallow multiple handfuls of fish oil.
  • The gel coated capsule protects the product from premature digestion, assuring it gets released into the small intestine (jejunum) where most fat absorption occurs.
  • It is also ideal for people who are trying to get high levels of Omega 3’s in their system to fight off the ravages of excess inflammation.
  • This product also contains additional Vitamin D to support the cooperative actions of Vitamin D and fish oil in the body.
  • No matter where you search, you will not find a superior product combining this potency and this purity anywhere.
Click here to review the Ultra 85 Purity Analysis

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We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.

Your Friend,

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D., CPT

Dr. Dave's Best Ultra 85 Ultra 85

Help improve overall cardio health and blood pressure along with achieving powerful cholesterol benefits when you use the #1 age-reversing supplement, and the highest-quality fish oil on the market.

Serving Size: 1 Softgel.
Servings per bottle: 120.
30 day supply.

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What's Subscribe & Save?

We also have discounted cases of Ultra 85 with 12 bottles per case.

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