How to decrease body fat and improve fat burning

I have begun to review the articles of the past year in an effort to determine what the best topics are and over and over again, diet and fat burning issues come up.

National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, etc, etc all have featured lead articles on the subject.


Because we are an obese nation.

And because obesity is a major source of disease and death in this country.

Diabetes… rampant – cancer rates going up; in spite of new treatments, the terror of this disease is very real – arthritis, Alzheimer’s… all have increased ties to obesity and fat consumption.

While the simple statement that we eat too much seems to be at the root of a lot of the problem, the speed of our metabolism and the types of food we consume are of major importance.

I have over the past couple of weeks published several articles on Fish Oil’s reduction of body fat, especially around the belly. Here is the result from someone who followed my recommendations.

“BTW, for those of you who are interested, I have lost 12 lbs and reduced my body fat from 20% to 12% on 8 weeks of high dose fish oil as you suggested in the past… I’d love to add Regenerizer again so if you ever do make it please count me in! Thanks.”
– Scott Dietrich, Malvern PA

This is not a fluke.

In a recent study Fish Oil was substituted as the main source of fat in the diet of several men ages 30 to 55.

After six weeks two very important facts became apparent.

First, The Fish Oil supplementation led to decreased fat composition by approximately two pounds per subject. Remember that is pure fat loss, not just overall weight loss.

Next, the burning of fats went up by about 20%.

This means that fat becomes a more important fuel in these people.

More fat burned, less fat stored.

Fish Oil is an important part of any attempt to decrease fat in your body or even just to maintain an already lean body composition.

The average dose in the study was 6 grams (6 capsules) of Fish Oil a day.

While it may not keep you from getting fat if you eat too much, it can certainly help your efforts towards a leaner healthier body.

I hope you are having a great weekend. Watch what you eat, and if you do splurge, don’t forget your fish oil and/or Super Omega 3!


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