Does milk make you fat?

While the FTC has made the milk folks yank their weight loss commercials, a lot of damage was done before it could be stopped, if you ask me.

Now as you probably know from reading my stuff, I am an 80/20 Paleo person — meaning 80% of the food I eat falls under the “Paleo friendly” (no dairy, no grain) moniker. I have never been one to tie my self esteem to how I eat, nor am I ritualistic in this kind of behavior but there is no question that this is my way to eat and if you are in any way sick or just plain old interested in living longer and staying lean, this is important.

So, does milk make you fat? Milk proteins are two, casein and whey, which also ironically adhere to the 80/20 rule. My protein powder is one way I “cheat” on my Paleo Diet.

While it’s true that whey protein comes from cow’s milk, the milk itself has a lot more than just whey. It has lactose and 80% of the protein in milk is casein, which scientists use as a “neutral” (meaning it can’t possibly cause any harm!) protein.

There is a huge difference between casein and whey.

Whey causes a muscle building effect in the body, probably gently increases your own secretion of growth hormone and starts in motion a whole series of events that suppress your appetite and help you burn fat.

That is why I recommend Private Reserve Protein to anyone who is serious about getting thinner and leaner (no, the two are not the same!)

Casein, on the other hand, appears to block the “I’m full” hormone, leptin, and in my opinion may be part of the reason we have so many fat people today! When you block the “I’m full hormone”, you eat more. Then the heavier you get, the less your brain responds to the “I’m full” signal. This is why (in addition to the fact that protein hormones are digested in the stomach) anyone selling you “leptin” for weight loss in pill form is suspect.

My advice, if for this reason alone, is to limit your milk consumption, especially if you are overweight or fat!

Now if leptin doesn’t work, what does? What does work are changes to the major fat storing/burning hormones ,insulin and the catecholamines.

If you want to slam the scale over to the “Burn Fat Now” mode, then use Ultra Strength Fat Furnace and of course fish oil, which actually genetically triggers your fat burning mechanisms.

And there is only one fish oil worth taking!

Dr Dave’s Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil or Super Omega 3

This combination will work whether you decide to drink milk or not!


P.S. What about kids? The continued debate has been if you put kids on a Paleo or no dairy diet they won’t get enough calcium to grow normal bones.

I agree. Not because the Paleo diet is not good enough for kids (heck, our ancestors did ok with it!) but no kid these days in western society is going to make those changes!

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